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The Client

Kanopi is the brain child of long-term client and industry experts E4Environment, an environmental consultancy with a passion for helping organisations operate sustainably in the most efficient and impactful way. With a wealth of experience in the environment industry, they approached Remote in 2020 to help create a platform as a response to the slow pace of action in the fight against climate change. They realised that something needs to be done to accelerate change at scale before it is too late, and that Remote could build a platform to accelerate change at scale.

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The brand

Kanopi aims to disrupt this first wave of environmental business support. Rather than focussing on one business at a time, they asked us to brand the initiative and then develop software to enable mass impact and measurement up and down the supply chain.

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The project

Created by industry experts, the Kanopi platform turbo charges the positive impact a business can have on our planet. It does this by connecting business customers and suppliers in working towards a bigger goal. It allows customers to easily take control of their environmental impact up and down the supply chain, creating a sense of community and progress at scale.

Suppliers and business customers can also go one step further by booking a remote site audit with one of their environmental consultants for a bespoke action plan.

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The result

Tired of third-party accreditors operating on an individual basis and frustrated by outdated environmental auditing software, Kanopi disrupts the status quo by being rolled out by market leading businesses with a mission to reduce their environmental impact across the entire supply chain, helping businesses make a measurable and meaningful difference to protecting and preserving our beautiful planet.

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